Next level relief and calling

Lifelike communication with lifelike reality

Bridge care solution

Beehive, the personal hive built around your need for care. Brings residents, their families and staff closer together in Corona times and lowers the threshold of anxiety, contagion risk and loneliness among the people in your care home.

Now let them lean on us!

24/7 own care network available

Just as the beehive in nature provides a solid home base, Bridge United wants to provide this foundation to the generation that has taken care of us for years. It is high time that these people are now at the centre of attention and we are building a healthcare network around them.

Bridge United offers the software that reduces social unification. One touch of the finger on or eye contact with the screen is enough to create a lifelike communication with your own healthcare network. ‎


  • 24/7 contact with family and friends without having to have a complicated mobile phone‎
  • No longer waiting for another weekend visit but lifelike eye contact with one finger touch on or eye contact with the screen
  • Application in the room can result in a faster and more targeted response from the care staff‎
  • Links to time registration systems in the background‎
  • The 24/7 connection also has a preventive function.

Lifelike communication

You won't believe it until
you've seen it!