Secure and smart electronic locker systems

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Smart locker solutions for offices

Where keys are replaced by IDs, you look for a secure solution for storing personal belongings of employees, guests and students. Are you looking within your organization for an efficient way to store, borrow, receive or ship valuable personal belongings, tools and products?

Bridge United provides you with a unique modular electronic locking system that meets these requirements.

With the locker management system, the lockers can be used flexibly for various uses. You can easily adjust the settings later if you want. With this unique Locker Management Software, storage of personal property, product issuance, parcel delivery, concierge service, drug issuance, product rental and sale, seizure, key management and concierge service can be managed. ‎

In short, easy and flexible!

Smart locker solutions

  • With varying use, you need fewer lockers and therefore less space
  • Simple key or pass management‎
  • Custom cabinets available in various materials
  • Various scenarios for fixed /flexible use‎
  • Easy help by master user at the terminal. ‎‎The Master User feature is used in:
    • a user who has forgotten the location of his/her locker
    • a user who has lost his/her pass
    • to open a locker‎
    • another locker to be allocated‎
    • a locker to release‎
  • Multilingual‎
  • Terminal layout to adjust in terms of text and corporate identity‎
  • Smartphone APP for opening the locker‎
  • Integration with your staff, passport, student tracking and access control system‎
  • SAAS of On-Premise
  • Safe and reliable‎


  • Fixed and flexible use
  • Group use
  • Product lending, rental or sale‎
  • Product intake‎
  • Package drop-off‎
  • Pickup package‎
  • Medication dispensing
  • Key issues for cars, buildings and hotels‎
  • Luggage locker rental‎
  • Concierge service‎


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Always a receptionist at your disposal

Upon entering, the visitor can report to the digital reception. If an appointment is made, your employee will be informed directly via the digital reception. By means of video contact, the visitor can be spoken directly and personal belongings can already be stored safely in one of the lockers. ‎

Mail delivery can be delivered via the digital reception by delivering letter or parcel directly to the locker cabinet. As a result, your employee(s) will not be unnecessarily confiscated for receiving letters and/or packages.

In short, easy! Even if the receptionist is not physically present.

Digital reception

  • With fewer staff yet the feeling of modern and personal contact‎
  • Cost savings‎
  • Increase in service level by combination with locker cabinets‎
  • Reduces the risk of coronary infection


  • Storage of delivered packages and letters‎
  • Package and letter collection‎
  • Secure storage of personal belongings for your visitors‎
  • Well-organized back office




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Know where your borrowed tool is

With the locker management system you can lend tools to the staff. As a result, it is always clear who has what in use.

In practice, it appears that staff handle the borrowed material more carefully and are less lost.

In addition, the system takes into account periodic maintenance on tools and will issue an alert on time.

In short, easy and leads to cost savings.

Tool issuance benefits

  • More careful use of tools‎
  • Less investment in the re-purchase of tools that have been lost.‎
  • Faster insight where the products are‎
  • Easy process for periodic maintenance of tools‎
  • Secure storage
  • Insight through reporting‎


  • Lend
  • Let
  • Return
  • Intake of products‎
  • Sale
  • Issue without return (clothing)‎
  • Easy supply‎
  • Easy removal of products that require maintenance.
  • Easy return of products after maintenance‎

Locker solutions‎

  • Laptop issue
  • Handheld issue
  • Camera rental
  • Pick-up point
  • Clothing issue
  • Weapon safes
  • Seizures







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The concierge makes life easier for residents in an apartment. Thanks to the digital reception and concierge service via lockers, reception can continue 24/7. Even if there is no concierge present!

Via the digital reception, the resident gets personal contact with the concierge remotely. The unique technology allows you to experience a strong degree of presence and personal contact. A pleasant side effect is that contact in this way reduces the risk of infection with the Covid-19 virus. ‎

Clothing that needs to be steamed or ironed can be left in a locker by the occupant. The resident receives a pick-up message as soon as the clothing is returned and is in the locker. Similarly, postmen and parcel delivery companies can deliver packages.

In short, easy! Even if the concierge is not physically present. ‎


Concierge service

  • With fewer staff yet maintaining convenience and service for the residents‎
  • Cost savings‎
  • Increase in service rate‎
  • Less chance of infection with Covid-19 virus by reducing personal contact.‎

Digital contact with resident‎

  • Digital reception with real eye contact and personal contact with apartment occupant‎
  • With fewer concierges serving multiple apartments, without sacrificing convenience‎
  • High level of reliability
  • Well-organized back office
  • Reduced risk of infection with corona virus


  • Package drop-off‎
  • Pickup package‎
  • Various services through the lockers, such as ironing service, dry cleaning, shoe repair, car washing‎
  • Online concierge platform with delivery capabilities through lockers, such as gifts‎
  • Safe
  • Reliable‎


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